Corporate Worship

A couple of guys seem to be looking toward the church reflected in this modern tower block, which they aren’t of course.

It’s interesting to see the older buildings dotted in between the high rises and skyscrapers of a big city like Toronto, where this was taken.

You don’t realise how old everything in the UK seems to be until you go somewhere like that.

Below a curved building reflects the sky and the buildings around it.

A curved glass building reflects those around it
A curved glass building reflects those around it

The Greenhouse Effect!

I know a shot of a tomato (toh-may-toh over there!) could be anywhere, but this really reminds me just how much it felt like being in a greenhouse in the middle of the day during the Canadian heat wave that happened while we were holidaying there in July.
I felt a bit too hot at the time (when I wasn’t cooling off in the water) but I’m missing it now that I’m back in the good old British Summer!



Niagara Falls

I was lucky enough recently to visit Canada and while I was there the famous falls. This was one of the shots I got while I was there. Apart from getting soaked in the mist, not getting tourists in your photos is probably the trickiest thing!

It’s a spectacular sight though and well worth a visit if you ever get the chance.

I’ll post some more photos from the trip soon.