Snorkelling in Sharm-el-Sheikh

I was recently in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Snorkelling in the Red Sea was incredible!

Foxglove Macro

Foxglove Macro taken in the garden.

I’ve also started to use and you can find this image along with some of the others from this site on there.

If you’re interested they’re available to buy as a variety of products from prints to posters and postcards to framed prints.  The images on redbubble do not feature the watermark in the corner of the picture that you can see here.

Happy shopping!

The Greenhouse Effect!

I know a shot of a tomato (toh-may-toh over there!) could be anywhere, but this really reminds me just how much it felt like being in a greenhouse in the middle of the day during the Canadian heat wave that happened while we were holidaying there in July.
I felt a bit too hot at the time (when I wasn’t cooling off in the water) but I’m missing it now that I’m back in the good old British Summer!